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Rick's Plan

Restoring Integrity and Fairness: Rick Barnes' Plan for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector

As we approach the upcoming election for Tax Assessor-Collector in Tarrant County, I am reaching out to you, the hardworking taxpayers who deserve a voice in our government. My name is Rick Barnes, I’m a lifelong conservative, successful businessman, and proven leader. Today, I want to share my vision and the concrete steps I plan to take to restore integrity, fairness, and accountability to the Tarrant County Tax Assessor's Office.

Limiting Appraisal Increases:

I recognize the burden excessive property taxes place on our citizens. If elected, I will lead the TAD Board to review property values only once every three years and cap appraisal increases at a maximum of 5%. It's time we put an end to the yearly struggle of Texans being taxed out of their homes.

Advocacy for Tarrant County Taxpayers:

Unlike my opponent, who seems to have lost touch with the needs of our community, I pledge to be a tireless advocate for Tarrant County taxpayers. I will prioritize representing your interests while working with taxing entities, the Tarrant Appraisal District, and elected leaders at all levels of government.

Ensuring Fair Treatment for Tarrant County:

I am committed to addressing discriminatory practices, such as the mandatory auto inspections imposed solely on Tarrant County residents. My opponent was nowhere to be found when this biased tax was implemented, but I will work to eliminate it and ensure that all Texans are treated fairly.

Ending Tax Revenue for Sanctuary Cities:

I firmly believe in upholding the law, and that includes ensuring no tax money from Tarrant County—or anywhere else in Texas—supports sanctuary cities that violate our laws. I will actively work to cut off funding to any city that flouts the rule of law.

Bringing Ethics Back to the Office:

Ethics should be the cornerstone of public service. Drawing on my experience as the Mayor Pro-Tem of Keller, I will write and enforce an ethics policy for the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector's office. A commitment to ethical leadership will guide our actions and rebuild trust in the community.

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