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On the Issues

Filling Out Tax Form

Taxes and Spending

Rick will work tirelessly to lower property taxes on both homes and businesses, cut wasteful spending, and ensure accountability and transparency in the budgeting process. He will be a strong advocate for responsible and fiscal management, ensuring that Tarrant County Taxpayers are not footing the bill for unnecessary or superfluous bureaucratic pet projects. And when important priorities require funding, Rick will work to ensure we are getting the best product for the lowest possible price. You work hard to provide for your family, and you deserve to have confidence that each and every one of your tax dollars is being spent intentionally and judiciously.

Police Car Lights

Public Safety

Rick always has and always will unapologetically Back the Blue. Ensuring that Precinct 3 maintains its record for safety and security is a top priority, and Rick remains committed to ensuring our Sheriff, District Attorney, and all law enforcement leaders receive the support and resources they need to continue to keep our community safe. Rick will be a strong advocate for preserving and protecting the safety of our schools and our kids through enhanced school safety measures.

gray concrete road under white sky durin

Roads & Infrastructure

For our community to remain successful and support the influx of new-movers, we must maintain smooth and safe transportation. Rick is committed to keeping Precinct 3 moving by maintaining our roads and infrastructure projects with the highest possible quality of work and quickest turnaround at the lowest possible cost.

School Bus


Rick is committed to working with local schools, administrations, teachers, and parents to ensure Precinct 3 Schools continue to offer a safe and exceptional learning environment for all of our kids. Rick will be a strong advocate for additional resources and efforts to enhance public school safety efforts, protecting our kids and keeping our schools safe.

Glass Buildings


High quality jobs and development have made Precinct 3 the premier location to live, work, and raise a family in Texas. Rick will continue to advocate for high-quality development, providing more opportunities for high-quality jobs and economic growth across the district.

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Election Integrity

Voters must have confidence their votes are counted accurately and fairly, which is why Rick supports efforts to root out voter fraud and secure the integrity of our polling places and our elections. Rick is committed to working with the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office to ensure Election Integrity remains a high priority in Tarrant County.



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