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"Serving as Chairman of the Tarrant County GOP has been one of the highest honors of my life. Together, we have secured decisive wins for Tarrant County Republicans, fought for election integrity, and worked to grow our Party. I'm running for reelection, and I'd be honored to earn your support. Let's keep Tarrant County RED!"

-Rick Barnes

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Get to know Rick

Rick Barnes was elected Chairman of the Tarrant County GOP at a specially called meeting of the TCGOP Executive Committee in January 2019.  He was re-elected to the position through a Countywide Primary Election in March of the same year.

Rick is a life-long conservative who believes in God, the Constitution and traditional family values.  He is an established speaker, author, business coach and leadership trainer.  He has been a featured speaker, presenter and consultant to over 2-million audience members through corporate, international, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States and three other countries. Rick served as the Mayor Pro-Tem in Keller from 2014-2017.

Rick was born in Fort Worth as a “Gladney Baby.” Adopted and raised in West Texas by educators, he received his bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and a master’s from Texas Christian University. Rick and Sheila Barnes will celebrate 33 years of marriage in 2021. 

Rick is a dedicated and visionary leader, and as Tarrant County GOP Chair, he is committed to serving as the leader of the Tarrant County Republican Party. Rick works daily to serve Republicans throughout Tarrant County and remains to committed to keeping Tarrant County RED!


Goals for the Future

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I will work hard to continue to...

  • Grow the Tarrant County GOP

  • Promote election integrity and ballot security

  • Elect Republicans to all levels of elected office in Tarrant County

  • Educate voters on Republican values

  • Run Tarrant County GOP in a fiscally conservative manner

Recycled Paper


Hon Jake Ellzey, US House of Representatives District 6

Hon Beth Van Duyne, US House of Representative District 24

Hon Roger Williams, US House of Representatives District 25

Hon Michael Burgess, US House of Representatives District 26


Hon Kelly Hancock, Texas Senate District 9

Hon Dawn Buckingham, Texas Senate District 24

Hon Phil King, State Representative District 61

Hon Stephanie Klick, State Representative District 91

Hon Jeff Cason, State Representative District 92

Hon Matt Krause, State Representative District 93

Hon Tony Tinderholt, State Representative District 94

Hon David Cook, State Representative District 96

Hon Craig Goldman, State Representative District 97

Hon Giovanni Capriglione, State Representative District 98


Hon Sharen Wilson, District Attorney

Hon Tom Wilder, District Clerk

Hon Mary Louise Nicholson, County Clerk

Hon Bill Waybourn, Sheriff

Hon Wendy Burgess, Tax Assessor-Collector

Hon Gary Fickes, County Commissioner Precinct 3

Hon James Hill, Tarrant Regional Water District Board of Directors

Rodney Anderson, past Texas State Representative and past Dallas County GOP Chair

Hon Andy Nguyen, past County Commissioner Precinct 2

Texas Right to Life

Tarrant County Republican Assembly

Texas Home School Coalition

Texas Values Action

Tarrant Republican Club PAC

Grapevine Republican Club

Keller Republican Club

Stuart and Kathy Lane, DFW Conservative Voters/ The Green Card


Steve Atwell, State Republican Executive Committee Senate District 9 and Precinct Chair

Anne Gebhart, State Republican Executive Committee Senate District 9 and Precinct Chair 3157


James Dickey, Past Texas State Republican Party Chair


Tim O’Hare, Past TCGOP Chairman

Darl Easton, Past TCGOP Chairman

Mona Bailey, TCGOP Vice Chair and Precinct Chair 3333

Dan Tully, TCGOP Vice Chair and Precinct Chair 1719

Hon Shannon Dubberly, TCGOP Treasurer and Keller City Council

Tim Davis, TCGOP Legal Counsel

Bill Daley, TCGOP Finance Chair and Precinct Chair 2442

Tom Quinones, TCGOP Rules Committee Chair and Precinct Chair 4218

Marshall Hobbs, TCGOP Assistant Secretary and Precinct Chair 1120

Jason Ellis, President, Northwest Tarrant County Republican Club

Steve Eklund, TCGOP Area Leader and Precinct Chair 2007

Kaye Moreno, TCGOP Area Leader and Precinct Chair 1416

James Ashby, TCGOP Area Leader and Precinct Chair 3335

Shelley Rayburn, TCGOP Area Leader and Precinct Chair 3465

Chuck Mogged, TCGOP Area Leader and Precinct Chair 3421

Sherri Heinzman, TCGOP Area Leader, Southeast Republican Club and Precinct Chair 2360



Hon Armin Mizani, Mayor of Keller

Hon John Huffman, Mayor of Southlake

Hon Randy Robbins, Southlake City Council

Hon Bobby Lindamood Mayor Pro-Tem of Colleyville

Hon George Dodson, Colleyville City Council

Hon Callie Rigney, Colleyville City Council
Hon Tammy Nakamura, Colleyville City Council

Hon John Miller, Hurst City Council

Hon Julie Short, Mansfield City Council

Hon Jim Griffin, Past Mayor City of Bedford

Hon Chris Putnam, Past Mayor Pro-Tem City of Colleyville

Hon Laura Hill, Past Mayor City of Southlake

Hon Ross McMullin, Keller City Council

Hon Stacey Morse, Richland Hills City Council

Hon Brian Byrd, M.D., Past Fort Worth City Council

Hon Brent Newsome, Past Mansfield City Council

Hon Andy Wambsganss, Past Southlake Mayor

Hon Dave Gebhart, Past Bedford City Council

Dr. Charles Randklev, Keller ISD School Board, Place 6

Andrew Yeager, CISD School Board Place 7


Hon Clint Burgess, Past Constable

Shawn McCaskill, Past Southlake City Council member

Hon Konni Burton, Past Texas State Senator

Dee Kelly Jr., Partner, Kelly Hart & Hallman

Brian Newby, Managing Partner, Cantey Hanger LLP

Bob Haslam, The Haslam Firm LLP

Brandon Barnett, Barnett Howard & Williams PLLC

Manny Ramirez, President Fort Worth Police Officers Association and Precinct Chair

Laura Oakley, Grapevine Republican Club and Precinct Chair 3035

LeighWambsgans, Southlake Conservatives and Precinct Chair 3039

Derrick Wilson, Tarrant County Young Republicans and Precinct Chair 1273


Debra Coffey, Precinct Chair 1001

Michelle Sanchez, Precinct Chair 1004

Jesse Johnson, Precinct Chair 1023

Kitty Berger, Precinct Chair 1108

Stephanie Janiak, Precinct Chair 1111

Eric Robertson, Precinct Chair 1142

Terry Munford, Precinct Chair 1146

Roy Lozano, Precinct Chair 1175

Vicky Underhill, Precinct Chair 1186

Carlos Turcios, Precinct Chair 1207

David Lambertsen, Precinct Chair 1227

Jesse Taylor, Precinct Chair 1297

John Dotson, Precinct Chair 1377

Nanette Monte, Precinct Chair 1423

Michael Barber, Precinct Chair 1431

Peggy Taiclef, Precinct Chair 1436

Dan Tully, Precinct Chair 1719

Mark Hanson, Precinct Chair 2055

Leslie Recine, Precinct Chair 2112

Jackie Schlegal, Precinct Chair 2147

Bill Eastland, Precinct Chair 2168

Cindy Greene, Precinct Chair 2181

Kim George, Precinct Chair 2205

Leslie Recine, Precinct Chair 2212

H.B. Wise, Precinct Chair 2217

Melba McDow, Precinct Chair 2219
Mark Davis, Precinct Chair 2220

Richard Sutterfield, Precinct Chair 2229

Vanessa Mason, Precinct Chair 2235

Joseph Poth, Precinct Chair 2266

Michael Sabat, Precinct Chair 2299

Gregory Shimp, Precinct Chair 2304

Susan Wright, Precinct Chair 2306

Loretta Causey, Precinct Chair 2310

Bert Smith, Precinct Chair 2313

Donna Korman, Precinct Chair 2314

Brenda Modesitt, Precinct Chair 2318
Christopher Berthelet, Precinct Chair 2319

Susan Riedle, Precinct Chair 2449

Cynthia Ehlers, Precinct Chair 2461
David Rakes, Precinct Chair 2522

Natalie Cato, Precinct Chair 2524

Stacy Law, Precinct Chair 2548

Karyn Douglas, Precinct Chair 2556

Craig Ownby, Precinct Chair 2613

Kim Martin, Precinct Chair 3032

Edwin Turner, Precinct Chair 3036

David Halvorson, Precinct Chair 3038

Leigh Wamsganss, Precinct Chair 3039

Greg Almond, Precinct Chair 3054

C.R. Bennett, Precinct Chair 3072

Jason Butz, Precinct Chair 3164

Jill Tate, Precinct Chair 3193

John Konderla, Precinct Chair 3194

Joel Downs, Precinct Chair 3213

Tampa Gunn, Precinct Chair 3247

Rick Roberts, Precinct Chair 3287

Richard McCook, Precinct Chair 3334

Thomas J. Summers, Precinct Chair 3336

Frances Scharli, Precinct Chair 3359

Mary Stone, Precinct Chair 3364

Ernie Taylor, Precinct Chair 3386

John Brieger, Precinct Chair 3390

Shelley R Rayburn, Precinct Chair 3465

Kenya Alu, Precinct Chair 3486

Carol Coy, Precinct Chair 3509

Mary Childs, Precinct Chair 3527

Donna Baker, Precinct Chair 3545

Glenn Storey, Precinct Chair 3558

Ruth Ray, Precinct Chair 3696

Joel Starnes, Precinct Chair 3698

Brenden Walsh, Precinct Chair 3725

Elizabeth Huffman, Precinct Chair 3728

Janet Adams, Precinct Chair 4045

Marvin Bahnman, Precinct Chair 4057

John Fowler, Precinct Chair 4046

Katheryn Moore, Precinct Chair 4065

Jessica Cheek, Precinct Chair 4086

Jimmie Walker, Precinct Chair 4102

Eric Morris, Precinct Chair 4141

Erin Rodriguez, Precinct Chair 4253

David Staine, Precinct Chair 4261
Jack Collier, Precinct Chair 4272

Jim Sutton, Precinct Chair 4410

Lisa Grimaldi, Precinct Chair 4429

Cathy Hartman, Precinct Chair 4452

Robert Grace, Precinct Chair 4498

Andra Beatty, Precinct Chair 4508

Becki Fowler, Precinct Chair 4532

Scott Bagg, Precinct Chair 4534

Jacqueline Auger, Precinct Chair 4551

Paul Alvarado

Bianca Benavides Anderson

Lori & Alvin Arnett

Zane Arrott

Royce Barnes

Cheryl & John Beam

Brian Belton

James Bennett

Jennifer & Chris Benton

James Biederharn

Ann Marie Birdwell

Junior Bompeti

Jeremy Bradford

Robert Braun

Jason Butz

Allison Byrd

William Byrnes

Rhett Caraway

Christi Clanton

Patricia Clark

Richard F. Colleoni Jr

Carol Daley

Todd Daniel 

Synthis & Ja Davis

Beverly Dixon

Jerry Donald

Scott Dover

John Egner

Robin English

Daniel Fernandez

Joyce Fiaccone

Corey Fickes

Hartson Fillmore

Ron Ford

Tanner Ford

Joe & Maryanne Fredshaw

Brandon Frizzell

Asher Gillaspie

Carolyn Gilmore

Nikki Grote

Nancy Groves

Carol Guarnieri

Willard Hartman

Craig Hathaway

Brenda Helmer

Buddy Hendrixon

Trent Hill

Huong Hoang

Cyndy Hornbaker

David Jones

Nancy & David Klein

Ben Kohnle

Erik Leist

Joe F Livingston

Brian Lixey

Charles Long

Penny Lotterhos

David Lowrie

Bobby Mccaslin

John Miller

Felix Mira

Katheryn Moore🇺🇸

Rey Moreno

Stacey Morse

Augustine Mutamberez

Scott Netherton

Dr. Carey Page

Jolyn Potenza

Marcus Pover

Mona & Vince Puente

Tim Raine

John Raymond

Stacy Reddy

Ally Reese

William Rhodes

Don Richards

Callie Rigney

Robert Roche

Mary Runyon

Michelle Sanchez

Terry Schmidt

Paul Schuder

Riley Shaw

Reecia Stoglin

Chaplain Rich Stoglin

Julie Swearingin

Joshua Tanbay

Brian Thompson

Susan Diane Valliant

Samuel van Bever

Mohammad Wardak

Manfred Wendt

Greg Will

Carolyn & Roy Willis

Shayne Woodard

Bryndon Wright

Aaron Young


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